So what actually happened? Well, I’m going to take things right from the beginning and go right through to where I am today, and I’ll then go into some further details which you should be aware of before you cast a judgement.

The condensed version is this:

On Sunday, May 1st, 2005 I went to the Green Festival in Newcastle’s Leazes Park, and on Sunday 18th September 2005 I attended the Great North Run at the start line just off the Town Moor, again in Newcastle. These events were almost 5 months apart. At both of these events various men and women decided that they were going to pee in public, and as I thought was quite funny and shocking to see at the time, I filmed some of this happening with my video camera. At the Great North Run someone got offended by this and I was stopped and arrested for “Outraging Public Decency”. About a month before the Great North Run, I was walking along the beach after going to a concert at Bents Park, and two girls came over to the beach from the Fair Ground and peed right out in a very open area. As with almost all of the people at the Great North Run and Green Fest, loads of people saw them, and they weren’t bothered about it. I took my camera out, and there are 30 seconds of tape showing one on the girls pulling up her skirt after she was done, and nothing more. The Police didn’t charge me with anything to do with that footage but used it as evidence against me in court.

Anyway, I can assure you that these were actions of stupidity and perhaps naivety, but not the actions of a pervert.

It was the comedy of embarrassment that lead me to film these people in those few moments, and there was nothing more sinister to it than that. If you could actually see the tape, you would see that there is nothing on there that even the most twisted pervert could get excited about! 95% of the content of the tape is so tame that you could easily show it on Children’s BBC and no one would bat an eyelid!

What the prosecution and judge don’t seem to be able to get into their heads is that what these people were doing was exposing themselves, but in a non-sexual context. They have got it locked into their brains that the only reason you would want to look at some woman with her pants down is for “sexual gratification”. They are ignoring the context in which they were doing that, and that makes a big difference as to whether you see something as being sexual or not. I’m as much a fan of seeing women’s genitalia as the next man, but just like most men, seeing someone peeing puts that genitalia into a totally different and non-sexual context. It goes from being something of a sexual pleasure to that of disgust!

The prosecution and CPS seem to think that there can be no other context in which you could look at a naked woman other than a sexual one, but if you think about life, there are many obvious examples of this not being the case.

For example, a male Gynaecologist sees female genitalia in extreme detail all the time, but do they all walk around with huge erections every day? Of course not!! Why? Because the context in which they are seeing the women is non-sexual. It’s as simple as that.

Another example is nudists. At nudist camps and beaches men and women walk around in the buff all day long. The men are seeing the women completely naked, but do you see all the men walking around with erections? Again, of course not! Why? Because the context is not a sexual one.

Just as the context in my situations was not a sexual one, but one of humour. Why the prosecution fails to understand this is very strange. Either they are very stupid, or just want to screw me over either way.

Anyone who watches shows like Jackass or Dirty Sanchez will “get” what was funny here.

At this point, I would certainly like to point out that I am not saying that I did nothing wrong here. What I did was stupid and I can see how some people might be offended by what I did, but I certainly did not break the laws of Voyeurism as they are written.

Next – 3. What exactly is the law that I am supposed to have broken?